By AJ Mathew

Hope – a universal symbol of a desire for something or a certain thing to happen. I believe Crossover intentionally uses the term “Creating Hope” because that is our goal with the kids and communities we will be working with. Creating Hope amongst families, children, and communities who never have had hope for such things before. Hope to improve their life, make for a better future, and to be the best people they can be. Hope has a very complex meaning to different people, but we can all come together and create hope for people around us. 

Hope has played an immense role in my life. Ever since I was a kid chasing a dream of playing Division 1 Basketball, I never lost my hope. But, my hope did not come naturally. My parents told me at a young age that if I want something, I must work for it. Work hard, keep strong faith, and believe in your abilities. I never let my hope die down throughout the process, and I ultimately achieved that goal.

From sports, to education, to the people who have impacted me, creating/having hope is a big part of the process. All it takes is for one person to get through to you about the possibilities of what can happen in the future if you never let your hope and faith run out. I have been fortunate to have great people around me who kept me strong and always moving forward, and thus created much hope within myself.

Now, I am looking forward to creating hope in India and changing the world with Crossover India little by little.

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