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See how Teach for India student Vignesh has progressed after attending Crossover’s Academy. In the words of Vignesh’s teacher Ramabhadran Sundaram, a Teach for India Fellow. ‪”Vignesh is a quiet, shy and occasionally bullied kid in my class (Teach for India). So this kid was too hesitant to come to Crossover and since I had kept it open and voluntary for anyone in class initially, he opted out. I sensed that he wanted to, didn’t quite realize what held him back. When we were half way through, I went up to his mother and told her that I was taking him along on one evening because I really didn’t want anyone to miss out on the learning. He then became a regular towards the end.‬ Vignesh has a certain condition in his ears. His tonsils and adenoids have enlarged over the last 4 years and have not been treated at all. These two videos were shot by me on the day I dragged him and his mother to a hospital that had an ENT specialist. It renewed my belief in my kids. With no access to a court or formal training, if this is what Vignesh is capable of doing simply with few months with the basketball and half a week long introduction to the sport, I know that the sky is well within his reach.‬”

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