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About Student Faculty (High School and College)

Crossover wants to add mindful, creative, motivated young leaders, like those searching for an opportunity like this, who are thoughtful about impacting change and creating hope for marginalized students while finding out more about themselves. This is an applied volunteer position which is open to high school or college students living in the United States or Canada.

As a student faculty member you will work alongside some of the brightest students and campus thought-leaders who use basketball to teach leadership, gender equity, character, teamwork, and communication and write and reflect on how to further impact change. This program offers an unparalleled experience to learn and grow as a leader while using sport as an agent of change.

As a Student Faculty Member, you will:

  • Travel to Chennai, India to live, learn, and create with fellow faculty while impacting change
  • Use social media to promote, share, and engage new and existing Crossover supporters and donors
  • Continue to help Crossover become more familiar to families and schools around the US and Canada
  • Grow as a public speaker, project manager, and leader

Alumni of the program will receive:

  • Letters of Recommendation and References
  • Invitations to speak on behalf of Crossover
  • Connections with other Crossover Alumni, Board Members, and our extended network
  • Depth and understanding of their leadership style and ability to work as a team under pressure.

The Crossover Student Faculty position allows students to participate as more than a supporter/fan and take a large step towards being a leader at the forefront of creating impact and change. Our vision is that students gain practical experience as a leader while allowing opportunities to simultaneously reflect and grow.

Program Commitment:
Once accepted as part of Team Crossover – students are expected to attend virtual Skype leadership and engagement sessions prior to the summer, provide transportation to and from Boston’s Logan Airport, have all legal documents signed and submitted, payment fully completed, and abide by the expectations of conduct.

Time Commitment:
The Hoops Creating Hope program is approximately 2 weeks. Students are expected to be fully engaged and with Team Crossover during the full duration. This is not a service-tourism trip (hanging out on the beach, visiting spas, bungee jumping) or a chance to visit extended family “in-between sessions.”



If you are in high school or college as a student or student-athlete and would like to become a Volunteer Faculty member, you will need to complete an application. The application will help explain why you want to volunteer, your skills, passions, and interests and what attracted you to the role. You will then be contacted by a member of our board to speak about your candidacy and help us fully understand how you will fit within our team and program. You may also want to include additional information, pictures, or videos to further convey why we should add you to our team. Contact us for more information or questions on the application process.

“When the first day of camp came to a close, I felt like I really made an impact – more than anything I’ve done before. I also experienced the most love I have felt in a long time. The kids are what made things come full circle. The interactions, the hugs, the smiles, the high-fives all make it worth while.”

AJ Mathew

Crossover Volunteer and University of Michigan Graduate

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