crossover pure happinessCrossover Basketball and Scholars Academy can help you make the greatest impact on the education rates of children in India – whether through donations, joining our volunteer faculty, our student leadership program, hosting a fundraiser, or even simply giving us feedback on our program.

As your partner in giving, we bring a wealth of ideas and knowledge about needs and services to impact the low education rates in India and we offer a range of options to match your objectives.

Two Ways to Give to Crossover:
  1. Annual Appeal. Provides critical immediate grant support to impact over 500 students in Chennai. Give now and see the impact you can have.
  2. Make an Introduction. Crossover prides itself on being a network of change agents who are committed to impacting the horrifically low graduation rates in India. Connecting like-minded individuals who have a passion and understanding for using sport as a vehicle of change allows us to create further impact.
Find the Giving Option That’s Right for You

Let’s be honest – great outcomes are a result of good people and good resources. To this extent – we require funds and in-kind donations to create hope and impact. We accept many types of gifts, including cash, securities, insurance benefits, real estate, and other assets. We will work with you, and your professional advisor if you wish, to find the giving option that’s right for you. Because we are a 501(c)(3) public charity, you’ll receive the maximum tax advantage.

Whether you are ready to donate now or just exploring your giving options, we offer personal attention and years of experience to help you make the most of your charitable giving. We’re easy to talk to (we like to think so) and love what we do – our door is always open.

Get Involved

Join our coaching or teaching staff.

Or, be a participant in ‘Hoops Creating Hope’.

Contact us today.

Support Us

Donations can also be mailed to:
Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy
PO Box 470686
Brookline, MA 02447

Students who participate in Crossover will attend without cost, covering coaching and classroom instruction.

Every team succeeds due to the participation and contribution of every member, regardless of size or role. Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy appreciates contributions at any level to support our efforts.

We’re committed to making this idea of basketball and academics in India a reality. But we can’t do it without you.

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy adheres to the Donor Bill of Rights.

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