A free after-school program for primary school girls and boys to use basketball to impact their academics, families, and communities while being part of Crossover’s supportive network and exposure to life beyond their neighborhoods.

Today was such a brilliant day! I asked today’s team what they wanted their name to be and they responded with Cloud Nine – they are such an amazing group that’s eager to learn and do well at both the classroom and on the court.   -Shane Leander, After School Leader and Crossover Alum

Shane Leander Roy's Story

Shane was a goofy carefree student at St. Patrick’s School in 2012 – the middle child of three whose father passed away when he was 8 – when he was introduced to Crossover. As part of the initial Hoops Creating Hope program, Shane enthusiastically participated in each classroom and basketball drill and jumped into the beliefs and experiences provided by Crossover. He subsequently followed up with an increased focus on his academics and volunteering with Crossover since 2013. As a senior in university who is completing his Bachelor’s in Commerce, he has been charged to lead our pilot program in furthering the impact of Crossover through our five pillars by meeting with students three days per week.
Crossover has begun a daily pilot program in India to study the further impact of our Hoops Creating Hope programming on students by meeting three times per week. Led by 2012 Crossover alum Shane Leander (now a senior in university), 80 children have been split into two groups and meet on alternating days – 40 students each afternoon. In partnership with the Teach For India fellows at Chennai Public School Vidyaniketan, Crossover is decidedly invested in studying the impact on students when afforded consistent thoughtful and mindful curriculum with feedback, accountability, and resources. 

What Do Students Learn?

Students work on recognizing self, learning through play, and building confidence to create critical thinking moments in developing real-life solutions. Crossover’s curriculum is designed not to create the next Michael Jordan or Yao Ming but to use basketball as a vehicle to impact graduation rates and create future leaders. With a wide-range of athletic abilities and size, students engage in activities to develop confidence, empathy, and critical thinking.

Students become part of our overall impact program which invites them to hear thoughtful speakers, business leaders, educators, and alumni.

Crossover’s Five Pillars

Engagement with Crossover’s Pillars of Success – Leadership, Gender Equity, Character, Teamwork, and Communication.






CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA Crossover is always looking to grow our outreach.

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