We’re an international non-profit organization dedicated to impacting the education rates of marginalized communities in India through the use of basketball as a vehicle of change.


  • 76% of students do not make it to a higher education system infographics
  • 48% of students never reach higher secondary school
  • 40% of children in grade 3 cannot recognize numbers up to 100
  • 52% of children in grade 5 cannot read grade 2 textbooks

We empower students to go beyond being a less poor rickshaw driver or a less poor house servant and have hope – hope for a better future, hope to change their life expectation, hope to create more – and therefore the choice to pursue their dreams and impact India and the world.



With 85% of Crossover students advancing in school vs 56% of non-Crossover students who don’t finish Grade 10, learn how we take Crossover’s lessons beyond the court and into each child’s classroom, family and community. View our infographic.

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The Crossover Effect Infographic


India's School Drop Out Rate


Crossover Participant School Dropout Rate


We impart the values of leadership, gender equity, character, teamwork, and communication


There are currently over 140 Million children in government schools in India.

As of 2014, 58% of the total population (over 735 Million) were living on less than $3.10 USD per day.


To impact the low education and graduation rates in India through the use of basketball as a vehicle of change.


What started as a theory has grown into true impact

“Crossover has gone from 45 students in the summer of 2012 at St. Patrick’s School in Chennai to nearly 500 students each summer (with an ever increasing wait-list) on the campus of American International School – Chennai AND requests from over a dozen cities and multiple countries to expand. That’s a lot of theoretical apples going on teachers desks!


When children have hope, they not only increase their odds of graduating school but also impact change in their communities and their families. From increasing attendance in school all the way through significantly increasing the retention rates of students the subsequent year in school – Crossover as a team is making a huge impact and continues to do more. And the best part – is that you also believe in the power of sport to impact education.


Thank you for your support and contributions – together we have created hope for over a thousand children who see a future that they dream about.” – Shaun Jayachandran, Founder


Our approach is inherently different when looking at impacting the education of marginalized communities.

proof of concept

While the national dropout rate for students aged 9-14 is 62% – Crossover’s numbers show that our program’s participants school drop-out at a rate less than 15%.



This report explores the philosophy and research behind Crossover. Learn more

“I am no longer witnessing simple behavioural changes and a lack of values by my kids in the classroom. I bear testimony to widespread impact across the spectrum of influence in education. From parents to teachers to students to staff to myself; we can’t thank you (Crossover) enough for empowering us to do more. Will keep you posted as we build on our collective learnings and move ahead with determination like never before.”

Ram Sundaram

Teach for India Fellow

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