Crossover continues to impact over 400 students each summer. The students learn about Crossover’s five pillars of success in leadership, gender equity, character, teamwork, and communication and how to apply it towards their academics, community, households, individual skills, and teamwork. Learn more.

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We’re an international non-profit organization dedicated to impacting the education rates of marginalized communities in India through the use of basketball as a vehicle of change. Learn more. 

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Strong Crossover Girls

World Runners
India’s Crossover Academy is providing kids with life lessons through basketball.

SLAM Magazine

“Teamwork, communication, all of those pieces play a part in sports but also very much play a part in how you conduct yourself and help determine who is successful.” Learn more.

a lasting impact

Crossover Boy Running

The Rise of Asian American Basketball

A GetSports Focus Feature
by Pranav Iyer

“Together, this group of tight knit Crossover coaches have been able to serve as the role models that they never had growing up through their public presence and activism for their community.” Learn more.




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