By George Baldini (@GBaldini)

As crazy as it might sound, I’m pretty much comfortable here and all settled in, but I think that’s mostly due to our unbelievable living conditions. I thought they’d be worse. Much worse. We have fans and ac so I’m not hot. We have wifi which greatly lessens my feelings of homesickness and isolation. I’m rooming with my best friend which reduces my loneliness as well. Our houses are stalked with American food which rids me of my fears of spicy Indian food. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to work with which ensures my feeling of comfortability and fitting in. However, as this trip progresses and I start to become exposed to more of the culture here, I know I’ll realize how spoiled I am and how much I take for granted.

My only fear still left is the lack of security, which I’m sure with time will gradually go away, but with each meal there’s always the probing question of what can and can’t I eat. I know I’ll always worry about eating the wrong foods and experiencing whatever nasty conditions will follow. In addition to the food, the bugs, the heat, the dirtiness, the smell, the claustrophobia and vulnerability in big crowds, and my safety still haunt me every day.

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