By Jon Metzgar (@JonnyMet1)

As my first day in India is over, I have learned and seen many things that I couldnt believe were real.  The animals in the streets (including cows) are one of the things I thought was funny, but it was sad to see how poverty plagues the city.  While driving with my group, I saw families of two, three, and even four packed on to one single motorcycle, or “two-wheeler” as they call it here.  The fact that you can’t drink the faucet water or let the shower water get into your mouth is another tough part of the daily lifestyle here, and it’s something I know I have to be responsible enough to remember or I can get sick.  It’s a great wake-up call for me to see all of these things in person, because at home, where I’m fortunate and lucky enough to live a life that not many people are blessed to live, I get a nice refresher of how fortunate I am, and how the things I left behind in Natick, MA will be even sweeter when I get to use and experience them again, but more importantly, I will appreciate and be even more grateful for these things, especially my family, than I did and was before.

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2 Responses to Wake Up Call

  1. Deb Nye says:

    Wow, what interesting observations! Cool that your gratitude is building, too. From my understanding, while many from India have little on the “outside,” many have a very rich and deep “inside”, spiritual life…???

  2. Liz Metzgar says:

    Jon, I am sure you will feel your heart ‘tugged’ at many times over during the short two weeks you are there.. For being grateful for what you have at home but also for having compassion for those who don’t.. But seeing the smiles on all those little kids’ faces brought about by you and your Crossover teammates is priceless.. Enjoy and keep up the great work!!

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