By AJ Matthew


I had no idea what to expect on the first day of camp, but when I saw the first group of kids walk in with smiles on their faces I knew it was going to be phenomenal. The passion in their hearts…some of them didn’t even know what basketball was, but they still tried their hardest to carry out each exercise and have fun doing it. 

Their effort and their constant smiles – I made sure I had nothing less than a smile, too!

Seeing some kids with shoes, some with sandals, and some with no shoes really impacted me. Even though it was clear that they were from varying socioeconomic status, they all came together and learned as ONE. Because once they put on their Crossover shirts, everyone was on the same level.

When the first day of camp came to a close, I felt like I really made an impact – more than anything I’ve done before. I also experienced the most love I have felt in a long time. The kids are what made things come full circle. The interactions, the hugs, the smiles, the high-fives all make it worth while.

That, and being able to give back to a place that makes up half of my heritage – a part of me I don’t get to connect with much at my home in Michigan. It was absolutely amazing.

I do not remember the last time I have left somewhere this happy. It was extremely hectic but it was amazing on so many levels, and I cannot recall a time I was this happy. It is such a blessing to be here with Crossover. Looking forward to day two!

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