The First Day

By Shilpa Agrawal Akka*, where do you go home? (Akka means “older sister” in Tamil). I live in America. Akka, what do you eat at home? Idlis, dosas, curd. Really? Are you Indian? Yes! 

The Mind Game

By: Kaustubh Garimella. Kaustubh is a sophomore at Northwestern University and has previously volunteered in India helping students learn basketball. Basketball is just as much a mental exercise as it is physical one. Coaches often talk about basketball IQ as an important … Continue reading →

Day 2 – And Then It Rained….

Day 2 started out promising with the arrival of Eric Obeysekere and his excitement to meet our students. As it were, five minutes before pulling up to the school – the rain started to come down. Now in the US … Continue reading →

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