So I have been once again inspired to work towards keeping a running blog for Crossover. The problem that I most often come up with is (a) does it always have to be discussing the development of Crossover, and mentioning the words basketball and India for search engines to discover, (b) relevant to sport and coaching, or (c)  just about anything I am contemplating at the time and therefore having pieces of information consistently going up.

And honestly – it is starting to seem like it should be some combination of all three – and with that – I begin writing again. ..

The school year has started. New students, clean and organized classrooms, energized teachers, students wishing they still had a few more days of summer and a year’s worth of could’s, might’s, should’s, hopes and goals await. For me – this might be my most calm and collected start of the year ever.

So with that being said – what are some of your goals for the coming year?

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