By Neha Soneji Contractor

As I sit to think about what I left behind I realize there are a number of material items but, what I enjoy most is leaving

At American International School of Chennai - day 1

At American International School of Chennai – day 1

some of the everyday tasks I know I need to do back in the states.  However, the biggest thing I would have to say I’m doing my best to leave behind is my ego. Especially coming from a place where I feel I have everything I want and going to a third world country where we may not have everything we’re use to having.  On the flip side I think it’s crucial to have an open mind / go with the flow type of attitude as things may not go as planned.

As I was here during Crossover’s Inaugural trip last year, my expectations / experiences may be a bit different than most others.  This year has already started off so different than the previous year just with the simple fact that we have 10 more people on this trip.  Since we will be working with some of the kids from last year, I would like to see some continuation of what we taught from the previous year.  Really connect with the students and bring out the best in them.  This is our chance to show what we remembered about them, knowing what their strengths and weaknesses are.  I’m really excited to be working with these kids again.

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