Luxuries Left Behind

By Carie Small (@CarieIsSoVery) After a very long flight my body is exhausted, achy, swollen (reminders that I’m not getting any younger) but it’s easy to keep going running on the excitement of being in a new place, with people … Continue reading →

Family Away From Family

By Kasey Hartung (@Kasey_Hartung) As I think about the upcoming weeks that I will spend in Chennai, I look forward to and embrace this incredible opportunity, but I also can’t help but think about what I left behind to embark … Continue reading →

A Bit Worried…

By John Gillespie (@JohnG703) I’ve been here in India for just under 4 hours now. So far in the little amount of time I’ve been here, I can already tell this is like noting I’ve ever experienced before. I’m exhausted … Continue reading →

Growing Pains

By Hannah Bitzer As the plane descended towards our final destination, I could remember the sensation of my nerves starting to act up and my stomach churning. This is my typical reaction when I decide to leave my safe, known … Continue reading →

Go With The Flow

By Neha Soneji Contractor As I sit to think about what I left behind I realize there are a number of material items but, what I enjoy most is leaving some of the everyday tasks I know I need to … Continue reading →

Ripped From Our Comfort Zones

By Maggie Brown (@MagsonWags) Because the only travel I have ever embarked on outside of the United States involved white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean water, and fruity drinks under the sun, I had no idea what the city of … Continue reading →

As India Approaches

By Jon Metzgar As my journey to India approaches, thoughts of excitement and fear are appearing my head. As I have never been in a developing country before, I really don’t know what to expect and I still don’t know what I … Continue reading →

90% = 172 Million

In India – 4 percent of children never start school, 57 percent don’t complete primary school and almost 90 percent — around 172 million — will not complete secondary school. Many of us have been blessed to have had people … Continue reading →

The Mind Game

By: Kaustubh Garimella. Kaustubh is a sophomore at Northwestern University and has previously volunteered in India helping students learn basketball. Basketball is just as much a mental exercise as it is physical one. Coaches often talk about basketball IQ as an important … Continue reading →

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