What I’m Bringing Home

By Jon Metzgar (@JonnyMet1) On Day One of my journey to Chennai, I wrote about what I was leaving behind in order to come here for two weeks. Now, on my last day before the flight home to Boston, I’m … Continue reading →

Visiting Teach For India

By Maggie Brown (@MagsOnWags) The eager anticipation began to rise rapidly among our group of foreign travelers as the rickety school bus climbed through the bumpy dirt roads smushed between rows of cracked concrete storefronts, woven straw homes, and mounds … Continue reading →

Service Learning in India

By Maggie Brown (@MagsOnWags) Their feet are bare and their clothes are tattered, And yet they show up at Crossover like nothing is the matter. As four o’clock passes the gym fills up as the children gather, And laughter fills the room … Continue reading →

Luxuries Left Behind

By Carie Small (@CarieIsSoVery) After a very long flight my body is exhausted, achy, swollen (reminders that I’m not getting any younger) but it’s easy to keep going running on the excitement of being in a new place, with people … Continue reading →

Family Away From Family

By Kasey Hartung (@Kasey_Hartung) As I think about the upcoming weeks that I will spend in Chennai, I look forward to and embrace this incredible opportunity, but I also can’t help but think about what I left behind to embark … Continue reading →

A Bit Worried…

By John Gillespie (@JohnG703) I’ve been here in India for just under 4 hours now. So far in the little amount of time I’ve been here, I can already tell this is like noting I’ve ever experienced before. I’m exhausted … Continue reading →

Growing Pains

By Hannah Bitzer As the plane descended towards our final destination, I could remember the sensation of my nerves starting to act up and my stomach churning. This is my typical reaction when I decide to leave my safe, known … Continue reading →

Go With The Flow

By Neha Soneji Contractor As I sit to think about what I left behind I realize there are a number of material items but, what I enjoy most is leaving some of the everyday tasks I know I need to … Continue reading →

Ripped From Our Comfort Zones

By Maggie Brown (@MagsonWags) Because the only travel I have ever embarked on outside of the United States involved white sand beaches, crystal clear ocean water, and fruity drinks under the sun, I had no idea what the city of … Continue reading →

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