Teammates with a 14 year old

Having been a teacher for the last 9 years, I have had plenty of opportunities to witness a multitude of 14 year olds become better people, teammates, athletes, friends and students. It is such an impressionable age for growth and … Continue reading →

A bit of inspiration

As I have continued to delve into the idea of heroism and truth this week, I was reminded by a colleague about a poem I have often referred back to a various times since my freshman year of college (it … Continue reading →

Just a little HOPE….

By Guest Blogger Matt Sagar I remember the day like it was yesterday.  It was a moment that I had been waiting for since making the varsity squad.  We were the home team with the 3rd ranked high school team … Continue reading →

Basketball, New York City and People from India

The first two and the last two go together regularly without hesitation. Combining all three – not so much. I headed down to see a tournament in New York just the other weekend, which was both normal and unusual. This … Continue reading →

Crossover Tip Off Puts India, Basketball at Forefront of Efforts

Crossover’s Tip-off event was awesome. Attendees included those with interests in India (Chennai), Basketball, Education, and wanting to find a way to volunteer or get involved. I want to once again thank Ajit Verghese for his unbelievably kind introduction, as … Continue reading →

Thinking About Coaches…

It’s funny – you hear so much growing up about the influences a coach has on this player or that player and as a kid you wait for it. But it’s something that doesn’t appear right away. Not every coach … Continue reading →

Do you like apples?

One of the best feelings I have been experiencing lately has been in hearing/seeing/reading the reaction of people to the theory and concept behind Crossover. One supporter from DC said “This sounds like a terrific organization – and one that … Continue reading →

If you’re not moving forward…

Grinding. That’s what it feels like right now. Just like those fall workouts where it seems like the games are forever and a day away and you have to find the inner passion to self-motivate. Get to the gym, get … Continue reading →

“My team’s on the floor!”

So to make sure CBSA was moving forward at full speed – I decided a day trip into the heart of NYC would only seem appropriate. The day’s two most important meetings were to be with a founder of Hoops … Continue reading →

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