By RJ Paige


I’ve never had so much fun while also having so much to do. These kids were great. So happy and eager to please everyone, trying to put a smile on our faces. It made me want to please them – they could not have made me happier!

It was hectic from the first minute, but when I got my homeroom, I was ecstatic to try and learn all their names. Easier said than done! “Can you repeat that?” I asked, but was lost after the first syllable.

The language barrier was in fact a barrier, but like all barriers, this could be broken.

(Side note: As probably the first black person these kids have ever seen, I was frequently asked “Sir, what is your native land?” and “Are you in WWE?” by the students.)

The kids missed many shots but it just made the ones they did make that much better. It was great to have the Teach for India teachers involved too. They loved it just as much as the kids did!

It goes to show how sports, particularly basketball, can make anyone a kid again.

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