In India – 4 percent of children never start school, 57 percent don’t complete primary school and almost 90 percent — around 172 million — will not complete secondary school.

Many of us have been blessed to have had people in our lives from a young age who have taught us not just the 3 R’s but also the skills to be successful in academic settings. Leadership, teamwork, communication, and character are integral skills in order to find success in the classroom beyond just the raw intelligence needed to succeed. Having worked in private schools for 10 years, I can attest to the success and failures of underprivileged students who have been provided openings at schools. And the difference between these has always been the educating of students to these ingrained skills that help them win in the game of education.

Let’s get this figured out – and continue to push Hoops Creating Hope through Crossover to the next level.

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