Catching up with former Maryland guard and fan favorite Varun Ram

The first time Shaun Jayachandran reached out to Varun Ram about volunteering at “Hoops Creating Hope”...

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Giving Wings, Finding Roots

The Hoops Creating Hope story not only leverages sports to help underprivileged children in India, but also gives second and third generation Indian Americans a way to discover India on their own terms.

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Crossover Basketball & Scholars Academy- Creating Hope Through Hoops

Every summer, the American International School in Chennai plays host to a unique basketball training camp.

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Making a difference through student athletics

Winchendon helped bring hope and inspiration to children in India this summer with the Crossover Basketball and Scholars Foundation.

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Ram to the Rescue

One summer after Ram competed in the Caribbean, he was shooting hoops in Chennai where his parents emigrated from in 1988...

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Using basketball to push education levels in Chennai – Crossover Academy

Shaun Jayachandran, an educator who also coaches basketball in the US observed the sports’ development in India and its relation to the low graduation rates of students (under 10%).

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Mathew, Shastri Teach Hoops, Education in India

Putting smiles on the faces of children who are not as fortunate has always instilled a sense of self-pride. Doing it half a world away is even more gratifying. A pair of Chaminade University men's basketball players experienced just that.

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At basketball camp in India, Maryland’s Varun Ram lends a helping hand

Nearly 500 children are expected to attend an after-school basketball camp in Chennai, India, over the next two weeks, and most have likely never heard of Varun Ram.

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Ram Returns to India for Hoops Creating Hope

Maryland men’s basketball player Varun Ram will volunteer in Chennai, India for Hoops Creating Hope – a program for students to create and develop the link between leadership, character, teamwork and communication with academic success and future goals.

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Shooting Hoops with Shaun

Indiaspora radio discusses with Shaun Jayachandran about Crossover.

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Five things to know about Varun Ram, Maryland’s last-second hero

Ram spent two weeks in India in the summer of 2014, working with the Crossover Basketball & Scholars Academy, a program that uses basketball to try to convince kids to stay in school.

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Culture change: Varun Ram’s journey to Maryland shaped by his Indian heritage

In the classrooms and dining halls at the University of Maryland, and on social media feeds everywhere, many people know Varun Ram as the Indian basketball player.

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TEDxTalk: Hoops Creating Hope

At a TEDx event, Crossover Founder, Shaun Jayachandran, tells us about his work in India with Crossover Basketball and how the leadership lessons that help kids excel on the court actually help as a student.

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Crossover Founder Shares his Experiences with Dream About Sports

Crossover Academy is to use basketball as a vehicle of change in communities in India by combining the ideas of a sport and imparting the values of leadership, character, teamwork, and communication with the goal of inspiring and preparing those students to continue in their educational pursuits through the university level.

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Clarksville-native Ram takes basketball knowledge to India

According to UNICEF, of the 200 million enrolled students in the country, 80 million will drop out before finishing elementary school. On the other side of the globe, in Clarksville, River Hill graduate and Maryland men's basketball senior Varun Ram never felt the pressures that kids feel on a daily basis in the country where his parents grew up. This summer, Ram was able to experience that disparity firsthand. And, through the Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy and the "Hoops Creating Hope" program, he was able to work with others in closing the gap through his favorite sport.

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Ram Volunteers in India for Hoops Creating Hope

COLLEGE PARK, Md. – Maryland men’s basketball player Varun Ram is currently in Chennai, India volunteering for Hoops Creating Hope – a two week program for students to create and develop the link between leadership, character, teamwork and communication with academic success and future goals.

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Four Traits that Help Youngsters Rise in Life

Chennai: Urging students to acquire leadership skills, founder of Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy, Shaun Jayachandran, said that they should learn to lead.

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Prefects sworn in at Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam

The chief guest, Shaun Jayachandran spoke about the benefits of sports in enhancing academic performance, character building and team spirit.

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Keeping Them in the Loop

US-based teacher Shaun Jayachandran returns to Chennai every year, to conduct free basketball camps for underprivileged children.

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Crossover Basketball: Spreading Hope In India Through Sports

When I heard about the Crossover Basketball program, an international education program, the first non-profit [501(c)3] international education program in India to leverage athletic values and skill to develop academic opportunities for Indian students, I knew I wanted to learn more.

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Every Year, This Man Brings Coaches From The USA And Teaches Basketball To Local Children. Hoops Creating Hope.

A long time ago, somewhere in Chennai, the kind gesture of a man changed the trajectory of life of an orphaned girl. He decided to support this girl in her education, a simple act of kindness.

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The Power of Basketball

When teaching kids about basketball, the importance of rebounding is always included. But what about teaching this skill in the classroom? According to Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy, these types of basketball skills are just as applicable on the basketball court as they are off the court for many kids in India.

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Wheelock College Forges into Partnership with Crossover

Wheelock College (Boston, MA) has listed Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy as a potential Service Abroad location for Summer 2014.

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Harvard Spotlight: Jonah Travis

During the middle of his internship, Jonah was permitted to take two weeks off and travel to India as part of the Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy.

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Crossing Over for Inclusion

Repriya is 10 years old, studying in class five at Chennai Primary School. I ask her what her favourite sport is. She says basketball instantly.

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