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Hoops Creating Hope is a two-week program for marginalized students in Chennai, India to create and develop the link between leadership, character, teamwork, and communication with academic success and future goals. By using basketball as the vehicle of change, students are able to learn on the court and in the classroom through play and guided experiential learning rather than more hours in a traditional classroom. The students learn about Crossover's four pillars by connceting lessons in the program through sessions connecting academics, individual skills, teamwork, and yoga.

Crossover welcomes over 400 students to the academy held at the The American International School in Chennai. Thought leaders, student voices, coaches, and educators from the US and India discussed the positive role sport can play in a students overall education. Indian-American Hollywood Actor Utkarsh Ambudkar joined the Team Crossover as a volunteer faculty member - teaching the four pillars of Crossover on the court, through conditioning workouts, and using BeatBoxing to convey communication.

Crossover continues its outreach to students through out the year. Recently, Crossover volunteers from Phillips Academy's basketball team visited with our students.

To read about the impact of the program from an educator's perspective - Ram Sundaram - a Teach For India Teaching Fellow wrote this letter to Crossover.

"I am no longer witnessing simple behavioural changes and a lack of values by my kids in the classroom. I bear testimony to widespread impact across the spectrum of influence in education. From parents to teachers to students to staff to myself; we can't thank you (Crossover) enough for empowering us to do more. Will keep you posted as we build on our collective learnings and move ahead with determination like never before." - Ram Sundaram, Teach for India Fellow

"A big thank you from me and my class kids to your whole team for organising this amazing camp. Just 2 days into the camp and I am already witnessing many positive changes in the kids. The kids are also having so much fun and are getting exposed to so many new things. I cannot wait to see the other possibilities the camp is going to open up for all the kids who are attending." - Prabhakaran K, Teach for India Fellow

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Experience an academy day in photos here.

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Photos by Crossover Volunteer, Hannah Bitzer