The Crossover Experience


Be a Player

Crossover’s 2016 ‘Hoops Creating Hope’ program will focus on teaching leadership, character, communication and teamwork as it applies both on the basketball court and more importantly – in the classroom. Whether you are interested in attending our program, learning more, having your organization partner with Crossover, or becoming involved in our program – we would love to hear from you.

We are excited for you to join Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy. Open to boys and girls, ages 9-14.

Students will be able to attend Crossover without cost – covering coaching and classroom instruction.

Next Camp: June, 2016

Where: American International School Chennai

This camp is day only – no boarding component.


“My favorite classroom lesson was confidence. With confidence, I got new friends and the courage to speak to the coaches. I learned how to communicate with others.”
-John, 2013 Crossover Participant
“My favorite part of camp was the teachers. They taught us if we need to achieve something we need to work hard.”
-Jessica, 2013 Crossover Participant
“(Favorite part of camp was) acceptance – without caring about background.”
-Akash, 2013 Crossover Participant
I have learned that you should be loyal, confident and intent in everything you do. While writing a test or an exam we should be loyal enough to complete it without cheating. I also learned that we should be confident to face any situation.”
-R. Gushmitha, 2013 Crossover Participant

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