Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy

3 Years of Crossover Academy: Reflecting on Change

By Kasey Hartung


Now that I am finally back in my “home away from home” for year three of Crossover Academy, I can’t help but notice the differences from year one and appreciate the things that have stayed the same in Chennai. The hot air and heavy humidity still wreak havoc on my body, but oddly, I appreciate their familiarity consuming me as I look around and see how much the infrastructure on the streets has changed over the past three years. Continue reading →

The “Other India”

By Anjali Ramakrishnan

Anjali helping organize Crossover students

I knew from the minute I got the email saying I was accepted and invited to join Team Crossover, it would be “good experience”. After all, not many 14 year olds get the opportunity to travel to the other side of the world and try to make a difference. But now that it’s over, it’s clear that “good experience” couldn’t begin to summarize what being a volunteer in such an amazing program gave me.

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A Lifechanging Experience With Crossover

By AJ Matthew


Excitement roars throughout the roof as I am finally headed back to India after so many years. Words cannot explain the excitement that was built up for this trip. Continue reading →

What I Learned From Teaching With Crossover

By Shilpa Tummala


After completing an entire week of coaching at Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy, I’m not sure what words could capture the cultural and emotional experience I have gone through with this group of volunteers. So rather than trying to explain all the nitty gritty details of India, I’m going to share snapshots from the program that changed my perspective of what we are doing here and why the children we serve are so special. Continue reading →

Beyond the Ball: The 4 Pillars of Crossover Education

By: Kelly Mara


Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.
– Martin Luther King, Jr. 

As much as I enjoy the game of basketball, I probably would have opted out of a volunteer opportunity to travel across the globe to Chennai, India in July (the hottest time of year) if we were simply teaching basketball. Instead, I joined Crossover volunteers, because of the organization’s mission: to inspire and prepare students to continue in their educational pursuits through the university level.

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An Unexpected Education

By Kiran Shastri


Week one in Chennai with team crossover has concluded. The weekend relaxation was much needed to refuel our minds and bodies for another full week with these amazing and energetic kids. Week one tested every aspect possible for us – the heat, the long bus rides, and 500 kids all challenged us mentally and physically.  Continue reading →

Second Time’s A Charm

By Anjali Ramakrishnan


Doing something a second time has several mentalities. Things are always easier when you have gained experience. And you’re bound to learn something you never thought would come up. However, it does not mean the second time will be perfect. I experienced both sides today. Continue reading →

The Root of Success

By Anjali Ramakrishnan


When I thought about the Hoops Creating Hope program in the months leading up to this summer, I imagined I would be helping to educate marginalized children in Chennai using basketball as an educational tool. And it turns out that’s exactly what we do, and why we’re here. But after my first week actually doing the work, I discovered an amazing bonus that never occurred to me before: Continue reading →

Breaking Barriers, Making An Impact

By RJ Paige


I’ve never had so much fun while also having so much to do. These kids were great. So happy and eager to please everyone, trying to put a smile on our faces. It made me want to please them – they could not have made me happier!

It was hectic from the first minute, Continue reading →

It’s All About the Children

By Anjali Ramakrishnan


I don’t know where to begin. Chaotic? Energizing yet tiring? Eye opening?

I was extremely nervous coming into the first day. I would be running the registration table, and I knew there would be papers shoved at me and fast Tamil I wouldn’t be able to understand. Since I was the secondary of my partner pair I knew I would have to run the transitions. Continue reading →

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