contribution by Neha Soneji (Contractor)

Eric doing his best to talk to all the kids at the park (some only spoke Tamil)

Due to a national holiday, Krishna Jayanthi, we did not have a session with our students but Team Crossover did not take the day off.

First, a visit to the US Consulate where we provided them with an update to the program.  As we chatted, they quickly found out that Eric was from Holy Cross and struck up a conversation about the school and its conference, the Patriot League.  It was refreshing to hear Eric and the folks at the Consulate exchange thoughts on his school.

Shaun knocking down a few jumpers

After the Consulate, we then had another meeting with a local businessman to introduce Crossover. Once we were done, we had some time to kill while waiting  for a taxi and saw a park right around the corner.  We walked over and saw some boys playing basketball and as we approched the court, two little boys came over to chat with us.  After about 5 minutes they invited us in and wanted to see Eric and Shaun shoot around, with dress shirts, slacks and all.  They both took a couple shots and then the kids wanted to see Eric dunk.  He modestly showed some of his skills but it was evident how muchhe truly loves sharing the game with kids where ever he is.

Whether or not the kids remember those 30 mintues we were with them, one thing is for sure, Shaun, Eric and myself will always cherish that moment.  Seeing the smile on those kids faces will never be forgotten.

Eric catching an alley-oop from one of the kids at the park

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