Make sure to check out the observers on the right. Eric has been quite the attraction thus far in Chennai.

Day 2 started out promising with the arrival of Eric Obeysekere and his excitement to meet our students. As it were, five minutes before pulling up to the school – the rain started to come down. Now in the US – no big deal. But here – with the courts being outdoors – we had to convert to an alternative plan.

We broke down the groups and held small group sessions about Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication – no easy task at times when students are taught not to participate unless they definitely know the right answer. We later extended these themes to the concept of help-side defense within a man defense. It takes leadership and pride to make defensive stops, teamwork to know that people have your back and are supporting your efforts, and communication to let everyone know what is going on.

Quite a full day – and quite the valuable lessons revealed.

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