Great seeing the Crossover logo gaining traction

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy have partnered to work with 3pt Academy in helping promote the game of hoops. We couldn’t be more excited for this fantastic opportunity.

The 3pt Academy app is completely free and completely loaded with basketball content for players and coaches.
The idea of the app is to provide a tool for aspiring basketball players and coaches to be able to consume great basketball content and training videos on the go from the best basketball bloggers in the world! Are you seeing how great this fits into our concept of reaching out to those students in India? Plus it’s a great way to read the Crossover blog while on the go!

Videos, drills, connect with others in the sport, and reading some of the best basketball blogs in the world – 3pt Academy truly is an innovation that will surely impact the development of the game.

And it’s FREE! – Download it for the iPhone or Droid – and check out Crossover in a whole new platform.

Crossover Basketball and Scholars Academy is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit. We are an education and leadership program using basketball as a vehicle to increase educational opportunities for students of any socio-economic level in India. If you would like to learn more, discover volunteer opportunities, or make a donation – please visit us at

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