I wanted to share with everyone the short chapel talk I gave to my school on June 6 – the last day of exams. It was well received and so it made sense to share it with everyone in the Crossover family.


With today being the last “official” school day of the academic year I know that a lot of you have today’s exams on your mind and furthermore the summer. So I’m going to try and be brief and ask you to stop your worrying for a second and join me here in the present.

At the end of the year – there is always a lot going on. Exams, Science Fair, graduation, excitement, but what i hope that you all can take a few minutes to pause over the next few days to think about two things. 1 – What does it mean to be a Man for Others and 2 – Enjoy the view?

When I say Man for Others – all of you have heard the phrase and can recite it – but not all


Addressing the school

of us think about what it truly means or how to go about being that type of person. And quite honestly – it means doing the little things in life that often will bring a smile to someone else’s face and reward you with a feeling of having impacted someone’s day. Tell your loved ones you love them, finding the good in yourself and others, thank someone who you know who has put in time and effort to see you succeed, high five a 5th grader, ask how you can be of service – all of these things are the little things that make up not just a man for others but a truly good man. Remember that today is the only today you get so make it the most complete that you can. I don’t believe I ever heard someone say – I wish I had spent more time last week playing XBox.

And enjoy the view. Gentlemen you have all been blessed to be part of a community that is unbelievably special – one that calls you everyday by name to be the best you possible. Look around you – this is a family that loves and cares for each and every one of you – no matter how exhausted you are at the end of the year. Live in that love. Excel in that love. Grow in that love. Just for a second – take in how awesome it is to be in a school like this, a place you can always call home.

To quote a Non-Jesuit, St. Francis de Sales “Be who you are, and be that well” remember both parts of that quote – we are all blessed with different gifts – so be the best version of you possible.

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